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Our Mission is to lead the way forward and bring happiness to those around us through nature-inspired innovation
and visionary design.

Custom Product Design.
Custom Merchandising.
Global Sourcing.

As a B2B partner, we offer retailers exclusive access to our premium products and merchandising solutions. Each of our brands inspires lifestyles and mindful living, celebrating life through thoughtfully designed décor that connects individuals with nature and art. Together, let’s make life more beautiful.

A cozy, sunlit living room with a woman sitting in a beige armchair by a large window, holding a cup of coffee. In the foreground, a round wooden coffee table displays an open book and a potted plant with dark green leaves. The room features neutral decor with light curtains, a wicker basket, and a white dresser adorned with intricate carvings. A round mirror hangs on the wall, reflecting part of the room.

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A wooden table adorned with various kitchen and decorative items against a dark background. On the left, a marble holder contains wooden cooking utensils, accompanied by marble and wood salt and pepper shakers. Several potted plants in different textured pots are arranged in a row, showcasing a variety of lush green foliage. To the right, a tray holds ceramic bowls and a bamboo whisk, adding to the minimalist and natural aesthetic of the setting. This is part of the LiveTrends's Curator ceramic vessels

Merchandising & POP Solutions

We offer a range of display vehicles designed to fit your floor plan. From standard quarter pallets to custom racks, each of our displays are designed to fit LTDG trays perfectly. This makes reordering and restocking easy, while making the best possible use of your floor space.

A vibrant plant shop interior featuring a variety of potted plants displayed on shelves and tables. The foreground shows a round wooden display table with diverse green plants in colorful and patterned pots. To the right, metal shelving units hold additional plants and decorative planters in pastel hues. The background includes promotional posters with images of people enjoying plants, enhancing the warm and inviting atmosphere. The shop's well-organized layout highlights the wide selection of indoor plants and stylish containers, creating a visually appealing and lush environment.
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