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Nature-Inspired Art

Fusing Nature and Art®. Bring nature indoors with the timeless, elevated, living home décor of LiveTrends

A person in a white shirt holds a round wooden frame filled with preserved green moss and pieces of natural driftwood. The moss creates a lush, textured base, while the driftwood adds an organic, sculptural element to the arrangement. The person’s hands gently cradle the frame, highlighting the care and attention given to this nature-inspired decor piece. The overall composition emphasizes simplicity and a connection to natural materials, creating a serene and aesthetically pleasing display.


LiveTrends designs bring us closer to nature, and our new innovative line of Nature Fusion artwork makes it easier than ever to bring nature into your home. Artfully crafted by our team of artisans, no two pieces in our Nature Fusion collection are alike. Featuring preserved mosses and other natural elements, our Nature Fusion line is zero-maintenance and is perfect for displaying anywhere in your home, no light or water required.

Brand Deck_final 16X9 2024 Nature Fusion.jpg
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