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Botaniq Brand Logo


Botaniq is a brand that strives towards offering familiar, timeless and essential home decorations within reach.

A bright, sunlit living room featuring a wooden round coffee table with decorative items. On the table, there is a potted plant with green and variegated leaves, a small black ceramic jug, and a candle in a wicker holder. Two books, titled "Minimalista" and "Live Beautiful," are stacked underneath the candle. In the background, a pair of beige armchairs with wooden frames add to the cozy and inviting atmosphere. The room is bathed in natural light, creating a warm and serene setting.


Recognizability is the central aspect in creating a homey feeling, which is why Botaniq products are grounded in traditional designs, yet constantly challenged creatively within the boundaries of familiarity. The result is a perfect consolidation of trend tendencies, Scandinavian hygge and classic designs, which are ultimately turned into essential décor with an edge suitable for the bold traditionalist.

Brand Deck_final 16X9 2024 Botaniq.jpg
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