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LiveTrends® Living Home Decor Designs

Fusing Nature and Art®. Bring nature indoors with the timeless, elevated, living home décor of LiveTrends

A person in a white shirt and blue skirt holds a potted plant with vibrant green and pink leaves. The person is seated on a chair with a warm, earthy-toned background. The pot has a textured, gradient design with shades of green and beige. In the foreground, there are blurred elements of other plants and fruits, adding depth to the image. The scene exudes a calm, natural atmosphere, highlighting the beauty of indoor gardening.


At LiveTrends we create unique living home décor by fusing nature and art. We believe that good, high-end design should be accessible, so we spend months researching and developing new concepts meant to spark inspiration and encourage everyone to add creativity and art into their homes. Nature-inspired, all LiveTrends designs bring us closer together and to the natural world outside.

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