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Welcome to LiveTrends Design Group, where we merge nature with art to create unique living decor. As a dedicated B2B company, we cater exclusively to businesses, offering our unique products to retail chains, supermarkets, garden centers, and other commercial entities across Europe and globally. Our goal is to make procuring our products seamless and efficient for your business.

A person in a white shirt holds a round wooden frame filled with preserved green moss and pieces of natural driftwood. The moss creates a lush, textured base, while the driftwood adds an organic, sculptural element to the arrangement. The person’s hands gently cradle the frame, highlighting the care and attention given to this nature-inspired decor piece. The overall composition emphasizes simplicity and a connection to natural materials, creating a serene and aesthetically pleasing display.

Our Sales Channels

We are proud to partner with leading trading platforms and logistic partners, ensuring that our innovative products are accessible worldwide, through road, sea, and air transportation. Below are the main platforms through which we conduct sales, along with the specific regions they serve.

Serving Customers in: Denmark, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands

Danpot is our trusted trading platform for customers within Central and Western Europe. Offering a robust selection of our living decor products, Danpot is ideal for businesses looking to incorporate our unique designs into their offerings.

Serving Customers in: Netherlands, Italy, Spain, UK, Poland

As a leading digital trading platform in the horticultural sector, Floriday facilitates the procurement process for our customers in Southern and Western Europe, as well as the United Kingdom. With Floriday, you can easily browse, order, and manage logistics for our products.

Direct Inquiries

For businesses outside the specified regions of Danpot and Floriday, or for those seeking personalized assistance, we welcome you to reach out directly to us. Our team is ready to support your needs and ensure that you can access our products in the most convenient way possible.


Contact us at:

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