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Tillandsia Ionantha


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Tillandsia, are tropical and subtropical plants that have adapted to life in trees or other substrates. These plants acquire their moisture and most nutrients from the air and rainfall. If temperatures and hours of sunlight are kept similar to their native habitats, they will display brilliant flowers once a year.


Tillandisa Ionantha prefer bright, indirect sunlight or indoor lighting. Direct sunlight can cause the leaves to "burn."


Tillandsia Ionantha plants prefer humid temperatures between 50⁰F to 90⁰F degrees. Try not to expose to temperatures below 50⁰F.


Ionantha simply needs frequent misting. Mist the air plant two to three times per week. They love a humid environment and will do well in kitchens and bathrooms.


No need to fertilize your Ionantha. Air plants don’t need fertilizer and get their nutrients form the air.

Plant Facts

Air plants have a unique way of “breathing”, using CAM photosynthesis, which allows the exchange of gasses during the night, unlike most other plants they use the sunlight for photosynthesis.

You can find Tillandsia plants in various climates, such as humid rainforests, high cloud forests, deserts, coasts, and mountain sides. Air plants have been able to adapt to some of the harshest environmental climates.


Air plants are epiphytes and can also be lithophytes. An epiphyte is a plant that grows on another plant, like a tree branch or bark, but is not parasitic.


Native to Central America and Mexico

Difficulty level: Easy

Pet-Friendly, not toxic to pets or humans

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